Monday, April 13, 2015

Waiting and Reservations

"Seems like only yesterday"...  that's what the other side of waiting looks like!  But oh, until we get there--ouch!  I must confess, I don't do waiting very well, maybe you don't either.  I only wait well when I have something else to do, like read a book or work on my knitting!

We waited through Lent for Easter but then we waited some more.

One year, I remember waiting for two hours to get a table for Easter brunch when we had made a reservation!  I always have this indecision in restaurant situations; do you believe the wait time and hang in there (hoping they'll call your name at any moment) or move on and try someplace else? Problem is, by the time you've gotten to "someplace else" and waited there, the original place would have had you seated!

The early disciples waited too, even when they thought they had a reservation!  They waited through the long Passover dinner with Jesus, waited in the garden to pray with him and they were tired.  Falling asleep after a big meal sounds familiar doesn't it?  Then they waited through the next days, hoping that what they were experiencing wasn't true and someone would just walk into the whole mess and say, "Wait a minute folks, let's just listen to the guy, maybe it's true!"  But that didn't happen.  Then they waited to see if someone would be coming for them next.  Was their reservation in the wrong name? Did they give it right?  The ladies set out to carry out the proper traditions and anoint the body and they came back with astonishing news!  But they all waited some more.  Some abandoned the first restaurant where the wait was too long, some went on to find another reservation and a few just went home to raid their own fridge and come up with a sandwich.

In these Easter weeks, we hear the stories of disciples waiting and Jesus appearing to them.  He gives them something to do while remember and to tell.  While we wait with Jesus, he feeds us, strengthens us and gives us work to do (not reading or knitting exactly!).  Filled with the Spirit, we are sent out to all this "waiting" world with the message of Jesus.  We are to remember the story and to tell it; for the anxious heart there is peace, for the wounded soul there is wholeness, for the lost and empty there is grace, for the angry there is forgiveness, for the waiting, there is a reservation and table ready.

Doesn't really matter whether you've waited at the original place, tried a new one, or given up and gone home--Jesus is there, he has our name on the list and leads us to the table, no waiting!    Enjoy the meal!

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