Thursday, February 11, 2016

Welcome to the Journey

A couple of weeks ago I was privileged to join with 48 other clergy women on a cruise for a Continuing Education event.  Yes, I know, "tough life--a cruise for continuing ed"!  We can talk about that later...
What I remember after boarding the ship and leaving shore was that my phone went all crazy!  We were advised to put our devices on "airplane mode".  Since then I've learned a lot about this wonderful mode!

Airplane mode turns off the wifi and data connections.  No texts, calls, or email.  So while away, sailing the sea, there were no texts alerting me to the latest sale, or emails from--well anyone!  Handy thing, since these would have added to an already growing bill from my provider!

Turns out it has some other great advantages.  According to those who know...first it can save battery life.  Yep, didn't hardly use any power during airplane mode.  So if you're low on battery at the end of the day before you reach your charger--airplane mode!  Second, it speeds up charging.  Bingo!, charging your phone on airplane mode charges faster!  Your phone isn't busy doing all that other stuff and concentrates on the job at hand!  The third advantage is that it helps you avoid distractions.  Sure enough a week without email or texts to distract me, left time to really focus on the conference and meeting new people.

Lent - is the ancient version of airplane mode.

A time to disconnect in order to reconnect.  Disconnect from the busyness of life, to reconnect with God in a closer way. Our batteries are constantly being drained and at times, it's hard to get recharged because we're constantly still going; minds working, driving everywhere, calendars full.  We need this time; to go on airplane mode and save battery life.  To recharge and connect with God through prayer, worship, reading scripture, doing acts of love, giving to others.  Lent helps us to focus on what's important and put aside the distractions that bombard us day in and day out.

So stow that extra baggage for the journey, go on to airplane mode and focus on God; listening, looking, and loving.  When the journey's done, you'll be able to turn on your devices again and collect your baggage.  Be forewarned...some of it may have shifted during your journey!