Sunday, May 1, 2016

Peace and Pieces

This morning my colleague Pastor John spoke of the peace of Christ and the pieces we try use to make peace in our lives.  I was reminded of this lovely pottery that I have seen. The technique is called kintsukuroi.  It's a Japanese technique of repairing pottery that is broken, with gold.

Usually when something is broken we try to repair it or fix it as if had never happened.  In the wisdom of these artists, they know that breakage is a part of life; a part of the history of that object. They believe that things are more beautiful with their imperfections.  Go ahead and Google the word and see the bowls, vases, cups...  They are breathtakingly beautiful!  And so are we!

Life breaks us all.  We are chipped, broken, scratched and sometimes believe that we are beyond repair. Not so.  Made in the image of our Creator, we are breathtakingly beautiful! When life breaks us apart, God, the master of kintsukuroi, sets about to repair us...with gold!  I know that I haven't the skill to make this repair myself, and trying to pretend that there are no breaks requires more than I have; it only breaks me more.  But letting the peace of Christ and the hand of God fill me in, I become more beautiful and show the history of my life.  

Let your life show the cracks.  But more importantly, let your life show the kintsukuroi wrought by God.